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Premier Souvenir Wholesale Manufacturer
$300 MOQ
Free Shipping at $1,500‎‏‏‎

Science Attractions

Science themed museum gifts and souvenirs can be discovered throughout our catalogs, and include custom printed souvenirs, natural science gifts like gemstones and fossils, as well as educational and interactive experiments and activities to excite the whole family!

  • Rock Candy Crystal Growing Experiments – Grow Rock Candy Crystals in seven days, everything included except a sauce pan and a heat source.
  • Science Temporary Tattoos with logo imprint.
  • Rock Crystal Candy is grown just like crystals in nature. Get it with your own custom hangtag – low MOQ.
  • Formula Sour bottled in real test tubes
  • Collector Rocks that can be used for science experiments.
  • Candies that prove science can be fun!

Bottled in real test tubes!