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$300 MOQ
Free Shipping at $1,500‎‏‏‎

Collector Rocks

Available in the Earth Science Catalog


  • Every kid has a rock collection, and we bet you still remember yours! Kids love to add to their rock collection when they visit new places! We supply rocks that fit any collection, from novice to experienced collector.
  • No weighing, grading or individual pricing. Each different Collector Rock is hand selected by our experts to have the same perceived value, can be displayed in the same bin, and sold at the same price.
  • Collector Rocks can be sold in a variety of ways to suit any retail environment:
    • Individually for collectors
    • Gallery-style Floating Frame
    • Hand-carved poplar Tripod Stands
    • Crate Boxes and Treasure Chests
  • More than 300 Collector Rocks in our catalog, carefully selected from mines located in over 10 different countries! Increase repeat business with a rotating assortment.
Each Collector Rock includes an
Information Card about each
specific rock.

Some of our Best Selling
Collector Rocks & Fossils

Wooden Tripod Stands

Carved from a single piece of wood, tripod stands are a brand new way to display your most beautiful and eye catching fossils and minerals!

Floating Frames

Available empty and preloaded – with custom logo

Empty Floating Frame
Small and Large
Fill with your own
collector rocks
Fossil Fish
Agate Slice

Custom Printed Collector Rock Boxes