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Premier Souvenir Wholesale Manufacturer
$300 MOQ
Free Shipping at $1,500‎‏‏‎

Lantern Sales Update – Reorders Have Already Begun!

Lantern Sales are Lighting Up!

Squire Boone Village’s New Miner Lanterns launched in November with excitement and a great response. Orders started shipping in late January and we are already receiving reorders!

Reorder Examples: 

Louisville Mega Caverns 
– First order of 36 shipped March 10 

– Reordered 216 Lanterns on March 27

Florida Caverns State Park

– First order of 36 shipped January 19 

– Reordered 48 Lanterns on March 22 

Abe Martin Lodge Gift Shop (State Park) 
– First order of 24 shipped February 2 
– Reordered 72 Lanterns on March 21 

Retail and Reordering Feedback:

– Average retail price point is $29.99

– Cave Attractions have the highest reorders at this stage. Many are offering lantern tours with ticket holders keeping the lanterns. 

– Lodge destinations and State Parks with nature trails and outdoor activities are 2nd in reorders. Initial orders have shipped for Zoos, Museums and other attractions with nighttime activities whose seasons are just getting started. We expect even stronger reorders in May after more accounts are through the spring break season. Contact any of your buyers who purchased Lanterns since November to check on their inventory levels.

Miner Lantern Details

$12.50 each without batteries
add battery installation: MHAAA, $1.80 each

ML101 – Yellow

  ML105 – Lime Green
ML103 – Red

 ML107 – Blue
ML104 – Pink
ML110 – Purple

Product Details

  • Safe for children 3+
  • Mix or Match lantern and helmet colors
  • Patented in China and patent pending in USA
  • Bright LED bulbs that dim to a candle-light glow up to super bright
  • CPSIA, ASTM and Prop 65 tested and approved
    • All colors and components pass heavy metals and phthalates testing
    • Safety screw holds the battery compartment lid closed
    • No sharp edges or holes
    • No exposed circuitry
    • No glass

Free Custom Imprint with 36 piece order and $30 plate fee with first order.
Order in multiples of 6 per color.

May combine Helmets and Lanterns to meet Custom Imprinting minimum of 36 pieces. If an existing account is already ordering Miner Helmets with Custom Imprinting, they will not be charged an additional set up fee for custom imprinting on the Miner Lanterns.

Miner Lantern Display Deals

Miner Helmet & Miner Lantern Floor Merchandising Deal
MHL100: $660.10
Holds 16 Helmets & 16 Lanterns Includes: FREE 13 Miner Lanterns 11 Miner Helmets 18 Miner Lanterns 

Miner Lantern Floor Merchandising Deal
ML100: $611.50
Holds 32 Miner Lanterns Includes: FREE 11 Miner Lanterns 25 Miner Lanterns