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Premier Souvenir Wholesale Manufacturer
$300 MOQ
Free Shipping at $1,500‎‏‏‎

Popping Candy

Available in the Specialty Candy Catalog

Over the past two years, we’ve worked with a factory in Turkey to manufacture bulk popping candy for us according to our specifications and standards after an unfortunate explosion at our former Popping Candy supplier forced us to discontinue Popping Candy. Now, we’re bottling it in our proprietary test tube packaging in our Southern Indiana factory!

Our new popping candy is better than ever: dynamic popping, delicious flavors, and bright colors! Our Shock Your Buds line is again complete with 12 test tube candies to delight your taste buds with a pucker or a pop!   Popping Candy is a long-time favorite – an experience and adventure with every mouthful.  You already know how much your customers love Formula Sour (our #1 Test Tube Candy), when you add a second or third Bubble Action Display of our fun and delicious popping candies, you’ll more than double or triple your test tube candy sales!

Assorted Flavors:
Prickly Pear/Yellow 
Freeze-dried Ice Cream/White
Green Apple/Lime Green
Blue Raspberry/Blue
Orange -Pineapple/Orange 
Watermelon Flavor
Prickly Pear Flavor
Orange-Pineapple and Green Apple Assorted Flavors
Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Flavor
Blue Raspberry Flavor