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Premier Souvenir Wholesale Manufacturer
$300 MOQ
Free Shipping at $1,500‎‏‏‎

Super Mix & Gem-Mining Sluice Updates

Rocks by the Bagful & Gem-Mining Sluice Program Updates

1. Free Shipping MOQ decreased

2. Super Mix available in 10 pound bags

3. Tips for selling By The Bagful during the Pandemic 

4. Gem-Mining Sluice MOQ change

Keep reading for details…

Rocks by the Bagful continue to be a best seller and we’re making it easier for your buyers to build a strong program in their stores.

1. Lower MOQ: The Free Shipping threshold for By the Bagful rocks is now 150 pounds (down from 210 pounds).

2. Super Mix available to mix in 30 pound cases: Super Mix in 10 pound bags can now be added with other 10 pound bags to create a 30 pound case. Previously, the minimum for Super Mix was 30 pounds.

By the Bagful is a high-margin program that creates an activity in-store that customers love by filling them in a souvenir drawstring bag. Store operators don’t have to worry about weighing or counting….they just charge By the Bagful!

Easy 2.5x – 3x Markup for Super Mix

3×2 Drawstring Bag & Fill Product Cost = $1.10

$2.99 SRP

3×3 Drawstring Bag & Fill Product Cost = $1.69

$4.99 SRP

3X4 Drawstring Bag & Fill Product Cost = $2.54

$6.99 SRP

Selling Super Mix during the Pandemic: 

We’re hearing that some locations have been hesitant to restock their By the Bagful displays during the pandemic; however, having people choose rocks from a bulk display is no different than picking other items off the shelf and putting them back. There are some easy things stores can do, though, to help mitigate concern and show their customers that they are taking precautions: 

  1. Add a box of surgical gloves next to or on the display and require anyone touching the rocks to wear them as they find their perfect rocks and then dispose the gloves when they are finished. 
  2. Add hand sanitizer next to or on the edge of the display with a sign to use the hand sanitizer before and after handling the rocks. 

It is nearly impossible to spread COVID-19 through bulk rocks but showing customers that you’re mindful and taking precautions gives a great impression and can keep sales moving in the positive direction. 

Why Squire Boone Village Super Mix:

  • We’ve worked with our mine to develop and perfect this mix for the past 30 years and it’s the best in the industry. 
  • We hear from buyers all the time who are frustrated that they’re left with white, grey and brown stones in their bins. Squire Boone Village Gemstone Super Mix is full of bright and colorful stones and we’ve eliminated the neutral colors that kids just don’t want.
  • Many accounts choose to mix the two sizes of Gemstone Super Mix to lower their average cost per pound and increase their margins.
  • Gemstone Super Mix and Small Gemstone Super Mix include beautiful stones with interesting and unique patterns:
    • Chalcedony
    • Amethyst
    • Agate
    • Moss Agate
    • Rose Quartz
    • Crackle Quartz
    • Carnelian
    • Lizardskin
    • Aventurine
    • Quartz
    • Cobra Stone

When you come across any accounts who are buying from our competitors, there are ways to get them to convert! Call Carrie or Kevin for ideas and programs you can use to get that business. 

Super Mix  
Best Seller! Bright and colorful stones are a hit with kids.
Small Super Mix  
Same types of stones and colors as Super Mix, only smaller.

Economy Super Mix  
For accounts who like the quality of our competitors’ mix, choose the Economy Super Mix.

Gem Mining Sluice Program Updates

Outdoor Attractions, Campgrounds, Farm Attractions and Wild Animal Parks are installing our free Gem-Mining Sluices across the country at a furious pace. As the country starts to reopen, attractions are looking for fun and profitable outdoor activities and the Gem-Mining Sluice is a proven winner. 

Our Gem Mining Sluice Program now has an annual minimum order of $3,000 across all catalogs instead of $1,000 of mine rough or $5,000 of Squire Boone Village products. 

Along with the signed Sluice agreement, to receive a Gem-Mining Sluice, the order must include $1,000 of gem-mining products and $2,000 of other Squire Boone Village products. Price for the sluice outright is $3,500. Most accounts can easily sell $3,000 worth of Squire Boone Village if they have the traffic to justify installing a sluice. 

Squire Boone Village has many gem-mining products that complement gem-mining that will increase the attraction’s per capita spending and get more money out of their visitors pockets.

  • Ore Cart with Super Mix for Rocks by the Bagful
  • Miner Helmets name-dropped with the attraction’s name
  • Magnet Stones by the Bagful
  • Collector Rocks by the piece 
  • Crack Open Geodes
  • Miner’s Ore and Gem Bottles
  • Spiral Cage Necklaces and Keyrings that hold rocks to create a one-of-a-kind piece they can wear.
  • Rock Crystal Candy
  • Fools Gold by the Bagful
  • Rockin’ Keychains

The Earth Science catalog is full of products to create a bustling Rock Shop at any attraction!